Together, ÔIA and its app will make sure anyone stays hydrated and focused at work, regardless of the space.

ÔIA is designed to elevate your productivity
to the next level.

Works with iOS and Android



How it Works

ÔIA 1.0 It works as a smart weight scale, synced with the ÔIA app, that coaches users on healthy hydration habits through blue, passive notifications. Choose from different color-coded modes such as Timer, Don't Talk to Me, Available and Pomodoro, and receive cool hydration notifications to remind you to drink water as you work.

You can always use the ÔIA device without the app , however, not all features are available without its app.



Just because you're at work doesn't mean you're getting work done. 




Manage your time in a non-intrusive way. Twist clockwise to set time. 
(1 LED dot = 5 minutes)

"Don't Talk to Me"

It’s better for your productivity and creativity to work without too much distraction so set your ÔIA to red.


Go green, take a short break, refill your bottle and have a creative chat with someone.



Use the popular Pomodoro Technique to break down work into focus/break intervals.
(25-5-25-5-25-5-25-15 mins)


ÔIA 1.0

ÔIA's sleek design is made of durable materials and finishes. But it’s not just about good looks. Our precise, wireless smart coaster can weigh in ounces or grams: from an empty glass to a pitcher full of water. The button on the front allows you switch from mode to mode without the need of the app. 


Make sure to read ÔIA's care tips for a longer and better life of the device. 



The ÔIA app includes real-time hydration notifications, time management functionalities (Timer and Pomodoro), and hydration goal setting to help you stay productive at work and in your everyday life. 

ÔIA automatically tracks and displays your daily hydration intake so that your mind is always sharp and active. It takes into account your height, weight, location, age and sex. 

*This app is designed to accompany your ÔIA 1.0. Not all ÔIA features are available without the ÔIA app.


Introduce your personal data to get your  daily water intake.


Manual intake:
In case you forget your ÔIA, you can always punch in your daily H2O intake.

Keep track of your hydration intake goals throughout the week. 

Set time from phone when you're far away from your ÔIA.

Pomodoro Mode:
Customize your own sequence up to 10 different intervals. 

Customize settings, LED intensity, get help and access other features. 


ÔIA 1.0 Specs

Supported Devices
iOS and Android
up to 5kg/13 lbs & down to an empty recipient.
Recycled ABS plastic
Built-in rechargeable LiPo battery
Expected Battery Life
1 year of normal use.
100 x 100 x 19 mm / 3.9 x 3.9 x 0.74 inch
250g / 8.8 oz



A major contributor to your hydration is activity. 

When you carry your iPhone with you while working out or being active in some way, your hydration needs will naturally change for every calorie you burn during the day thanks to Apple's HealthKit. 

Soon, the ÔIA app will work with all versions of Apple Watch.